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Custom Recovery of RAID, NAS and SAN Systems
When standard data recovery software products fail to restore your data, our programmers in many cases can customize our software to perform recovery that is otherwise impossible. Following are some examples:
  • A customer had a NAS device that used a customized UFS file system. No data recovery program could parse the file system. Our programmers made modifications to File Scavenger™ and successfully parsed and restored the UFS file system within two days.
  • Our programmers spent a few weeks writing a driver for the ZFS and RAIDZ file system used by a customer's FreeNAS device. All data was successfully restored.
  • Our programmers were able to restore the large majority of data on a reformatted Ext3 file system. In principle a reformatted Ext3 file system is unrecoverable but thanks to special patterns in the data, most files were successfully restored using file carving techniques.
  • When only partial recovery is possible, we can usually write a special "filter" to sort out the good files from the bad ones. This filtering can save many hours of sifting through the data.

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